I want to work with you and build my own dōTERRA Business!

What does “work” look like in dōTERRA?

Workshops/ Classes – I consistently held a minimum of 2 classes per week.

Follow up/Support – You need to support your enrolments, create community and ensure you are educating your enrolments on using their oils.
Launch and Support New Sharers/Builders – As your builders start popping up (trust me they WILL if you keep putting that positive energy out there) You need to help them launch their business too and mentor them along the way.

Personal Development

dōTERRA is an essential oil business wrapped up in a personal development one! Building your own business comes with some self-love challenges. You need to dig deep within yourself, face your challenges and work through your problems. Don’t hide away when these things come to the surface, face them, work on yourself and move forward (and upward!)

What u DO need to be…..

>>> A go-getter at heart with a passion for exploring natural health and wellness.
>>> Ready to impact change and create a ripple effect that supports future generations to flourish.
>>> Ready to Inspire and lead a growing tribe of dreamers and change-makers.
>>> Seeking a lifestyle where you have limitless potential and complete financial freedom.
>>> Looking for a life that you can design, from when you work and play to how much you earn.

If this sounds like you and you can feel the nudges and pulls (and a bit of fear too, that’s normal) then I’d love to have you join me. Not only will you join a tribe of supportive + empowering men and women. You will help bring about CHANGE in people’s lives.

What now?

Submit your information below now, and we will arrange a time to meet with you to discuss your plans and goals and help you get started. 

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I want to build my own doTERRA Business!

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