What does having a wholesale account mean?

It simply means you have access to members prices (25% discount) on your initial order and any future orders you choose to make for a year (this can be extended if you choose)

You can order what you want, when you want, delivered straight to your door

You will gain access to our private, members only support groups – a safe space to ask questions and learn from others and their experiences with a whole heap of resources

You will gain access to our private training with ‘How To’ section on… everything!!

You will receive a free wellness consultation to work through your individual needs and to ensure you feel comfortable and empowered using the oils in your home and on your body

You will have access to members only specials and classes

You will have access to a program that offers free oils every month and many further incentives should you choose to.

You will have the opportunity to get your oils for free, supplement, replace or multiply your income if you choose to.

Once you see the impact on your home and how you can use the same oils for multiple uses throughout your home, the chances are you are very likely to want EVERYTHING.  Luckily, doTERRA’s ridiculously generous rewards program means that you will still end up saving money overall in your life!!

You will be fully supported in your journey and find yourself in a safe, loving community of gorgeous like-minded souls!


What does having a wholesale account NOT mean?

It does NOT mean you are locked in to anything!

You do NOT have to sell oils to anyone, ever!

You do NOT have to do a monthly order, ever!

You are NEVER committed to any ongoing purchases, ever!

What now?

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I look forward to supporting you in life, wellness and business.