Retail Commission

The first way you can get paid from doTERRA is through the retail commission, and anyone with a Wellness Advocate account can qualify. For every retail sale you make, you earn the difference between retail and wholesale, which is 25%, which gets credited to your A/R balance monthly along with all other commissions (apart from Fast Start which is paid weekly).

Interestingly, with other network marketing companies, retail commission is the main, or even only, way you can get paid, but with doTERRA this is really not the main focus of the business and is what we call a ‘hauling buckets’ method of earning commission. This means that if you only focus on selling products at retail, you are constantly having to find more and more customers each month, and there is no incentive for them to be loyal to you, or to reorder. It is also not in the best interests of any customer that wants to purchase more than 2-3 items each year. Unlike other companies, doTERRA opens up the opportunity to purchase all products at wholesale prices to everyone, who can either open a Wholesale Customer account, or a Wellness Advocate account which comes with the opportunity to earn commissions, and so in order to create an ongoing relationship with customers, and one that will save them money, it is better to recommend one of these wholesale accounts over buying at retail.

Qualifying for Retail Commission

Unlike all other commission types, there is no minimum requirements for earning retail commission, meaning that anyone can earn it as long as they have a Wellness Advocate account, which is eligible for commissions. Wholesale customers cannot earn retail commission and do not get the free retail website.

How people can order retail

In your back office, you will see your Web Site tab, and here you will find (and can edit) your retail website address, which you can share and pass on to anyone who wants to buy retail from you. You can also purchase products for customers via your account, and have people pay you the retail amount, keeping the difference.

Retailing in shops, salons, etc.

Any establishment retailing products needs to be a business that is in synergy with doTERRA (so a salon, yoga studio, health food store, therapy office, etc) and there needs to be a trained Wellness Advocate on site.