dōTERRA Ranks - what do they mean?

Lets begin with the dōTERRA ranks. A rank is basically recognition. Recognition for sharing some awesome products into the homes of others. Remember in the Compensation Plan information we mentioned Unilevel, well, as your Rank increases, so too does the income you can earn from Unilevel and you share in the different Leadership pools as you increase in rank.

The more you share, the better the recognition. With dōTERRA, we get to decide just how much we want to earn! Based on the work that we put in is how we get paid.

A few things to note:

PV is personal volume, it is dōTERRA’s own point system- to find out the point value of each product check the price list and product guide in the files section. You must be on a min 100pv per month to get commission. Shipping costs and tax do not count as PV.

OV is your team’s overall volume. This becomes important to know as you try to qualify for bonuses and rank advancements. It is your volume plus the volume of YOUR entire Team.

Consultant is an entry-level rank.

Here are the dōTERRA ranks: 

Executive: 2000 OV Executive is achieved when your organisation makes up 2000 Overall volume (OV). Each product that you or someone in your organisation purchases goes towards your OV. Each product has whats called a Product Volume (PV) which is usually a little less than the dollar value. All of the PV in your organisation is added for the month, which provides your OV. At the end of the month, when all of you and your teams volume reached 2000, you will be ranked at Executive. This rank is easily achieved in the first month. 

Elite: 3000 OV Elite is achieved when your organisation reaches 3000 OV.  One class on average makes up 500 OV, so with six classes Elite can easily be achieved. Elite is usually the first rank goal that new business builders in our team aim for. The average timeline is up to 6 months, but we like to help our team achieve this in the first few months. 

Premier: 5000 OV Premier is the first rank that you need to have ‘teams’. You need to have two leaders that achieve Executive (2000 ov) and a total overall volume of 5000 OV. So basically if you have two leaders that have 4 classes each and you have a couple of classes, then you’ll be Premier. On average it takes about 8 months to achieve Premier.  

This is where the residual income really comes into play. Once you have reached leadership ranks, you start to receive bonuses & leadership pools. This is when things start to get really exciting. At these levels, you will receive an account manager from doTERRA Head Office that will work closely with you.

Silver: 3 Elites When you are a Silver leader you have three separate teams. The Overall Volume of each team will be at least 3000 and your leaders will be ranked at least Elite. The average income is around $2,100 per month. 

Gold: 3 Premiers Now we need to help our leaders achieve Premier. Once you have three Premier leaders, then you’ll be ranked gold.  It takes on average 14 months to achieve gold and the average earnings is about $4700 per month. 

Platinum: 3 Silvers At Platinum you now have three leaders that are in the leadership ranks and you have reached the first six figure rank! On average it takes about 23 months. The average monthly income is about $8800 per month. At this stage of your business, your three leaders are generally leading their teams and it can take some pressure off to enjoy the benefits of a residual income. 

Diamond: 4 Silvers Diamond is when you begin a whole new team. When you have 4 teams that are Silver and above, you will now be a Diamond Leader. Diamond is a very prestigious doTERRA rank. On average it takes about 36 months. The average income for Diamond is $16,000 per month. 

Blue Diamond: 5 Golds At Blue Diamond, you need to have 5 leadership teams. At this stage its just about supporting your leaders to reach their goals. We already have 3 Gold leaders (and higher), so its just about helping others to reach their big goals. The average monthly earnings is around $36,000.  

Presidential Diamond: 6 Platinums Presidential Diamond is when you have supported six of your leaders achieve a six figure rank. Helping others to be Platinum (and beyond), will result in a Presidential Diamond Organisation. The average earning for Presidential Diamond is $106,000 per month.