Power of Three

One of the additional bonuses you can earn with doTERRA is the Power of 3 team structure bonus. This encourages Wellness Advocates to build a solid team structure and rewards us for doing so. This is a set bonus that has a couple of qualifications, and there are 3 different levels of the bonus. The bonus is fixed in terms of the US dollar amount that is earned when the right structure is in place, but obviously what we get as WAs outside of the US depends on the exchange rate. Just imagine converting a US$ bonus to SA Rand!

So this is how it works.

Getting your 1st Level Bonus ($50)

You need to place a Loyalty Rewards order of 100PV or more to qualify, and you need at least 3 people on your front line (first level) to do the same. If everyone places a 100PV order, this gives you a volume between you and your first level of 400PV, but you need at least 600 PV between you and your front line to qualify for the first level bonus which is $50 USD 

To proceed on to the other levels, all you need to do is to teach those 3 people to do the same.

Getting your 2nd Level Bonus ($250)

When you have 3 people from your front line/first level earn their own 1st Level Bonus, you earn your 2nd Level Bonus, which is $250.

Getting your 3rd Level Bonus ($1500)

You get your 3rd Level Bonus when those on your 2nd Level help 3 of their wholesale members earn their own 1st Level Bonus. This bonus is $1500. And here is some great news – once you have built your first full Power of 3 bonus down to the 3rd level, you can use 3 more people on your front line to start earning another 1st, 2nd and 3rd level bonus, thus doubling the bonus you get!

Let’s Illustrate It…

So this is a great diagram that shows how you can earn these 3 levels of the Power of 3 Bonus: