Fast Start

Every time you enroll a new wholesale account member, regardless as to whether they are a Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate, you earn a Fast Start bonus on their initial enrollment order, and then on any orders they make for the first 60 days of their membership. You also make this bonus on your team enrollments, and the bonus is paid weekly on a Wednesday. And here is how it works.

When you enroll someone, you earn 20% on the commissionable volume of their order. Whenever they order again in their first 60 days, you again earn 20% on the commissionable volume of their order.

When someone you have enrolled enrolls someone, you earn 10% on that order and any orders they place in their first 60 days, and when someone they enrolled enrolls someone, you earn 5% on those orders for the first 60 days.

This is paid every time you enroll someone, and not just within your own business launch period.

Qualifying for the Fast Start Bonus

Only Wellness Advocates can enroll people, and therefore earn the Fast Start Bonus. In addition, a Wellness Advocate needs to always have a 100pv Loyatly Rewards Order set up in their back office, which must be ordered each month in order to earn commissions. The Fast Start Bonus is unlimited, so the more people you enroll, and your team enrolls, the greater this bonus will be. After the wholesale member’s first 60 days, you then move on to the Unilevel Commission structure for them. One other great thing – earning this bonus is completely independent of other bonuses.

Some thoughts about the Fast Start Bonus

I love the Fast Start Bonus, and how it does several things. The first is that it gets you earning money straight away with doTERRA, and that money gets paid every week. Until you have earned $100, this sits in your A/R Balance in your account and can be used against your LRP and other orders, and anything over $100 can be withdrawn into your bank account.

I think sometimes as well, if you have been in another network marketing company, it can be hard to grasp the concept of this Fast Start bonus and the Unilevel commission, and that is because often the fast start period is based on your first 2-3 months within a company, and the Unilevel is what you earn on your team of consultants only, and not your customers. Unlike other companies, the Fast Start period is not on your launch of your business, but is something you enter into with each new wholesale member that you introduce into your downline.

When you first start in your business, in your first 2-6 months especially, your Unilevel commission on your customers’ wholesale orders is not very significant, and so the Fast Start bridges the gap for you so you can earn a good amount from the outset.

The Fast Start is also something that many Wellness Advocates use to reinvest back into their business, in terms of buying business materials, supporting their team and providing any incentives if they choose. I know that when you first start in this business, you may want to have that money in your bank account, but when you look more long term, and you can reserve your Fast Start commissions to cover all of your costs of your business, then this is a good approach to managing your business finances.

When we are looking at the ‘hauling buckets’ analogy of building a financial pipeline, this commission payment is a hauling buckets method of earning money when you enroll people, but it also starts to become a residual income as your enrollees and their enrollees start to enroll people.