What and How can you earn with doTERRA?

Your potential doTERRA Business Growth – yes that’s right – you could be earning almost U$5,000 (R72,000) PER MONTH in just over two years!

If you are at all familiar with the compensation plan of other network marketing companies, you’ll find the doTERRA compensation plan to be refreshing and rewarding. The basis of the plan is that you don’t succeed unless you help others succeed.

There are five ways to earn commission with the doTERRA Compensation Plan. They are independent of each other.

You are allowed to buy doTERRA at the wholesale cost and sell it for however much you can get for it, as long as it’s at least 10% above wholesale, and you can make a profit that way.  This would be a great option if you have a store, are a midwife, sell at a craft fair or you are a chiropractor or massage therapist with clients.

You can also refer people to your own doTERRA store that you will receive when you sign up as a Wellness Advocate and if they want to purchase the items at the retail cost so they don’t have to sign up or anything, doTERRA will ship the items directly to them and you will receive the 25% different between the wholesale cost and the retail cost.

When you sign up, you are given a link to your store that you can post online at places like Facebook, Pinterest or a blog. You get 25% commission on any/all of these orders placed with your ID#. 

The doTERRA store is also your doTERRA website. After you log in to doterra.com, click on “Account Profile” then scroll down to “My Site Address” and you can get the link to your website. Then you can give anyone that link and they can buy at retail cost, which is 25% above your wholesale cost. doTERRA ships the orders and you get the 25% difference between retail and wholesale.

As long as you have a 100 PV (points) Loyalty Reward Point order yourself (ordered monthly), then you receive 20% of what new members purchase in their first 60 days.  This can be huge because WA’s generally purchase a lot as they try out the new products!

You receive 20% on purchases made within the first 60 days by members that you enroll.  The person who enrolled you receives 10%, and the person who enrolled that person receives 5%. This is why it is good to keep signing up new members (Wellness Advocates). Fast Start payments are processed on Wednesday (covering the prior Monday-Sunday) and deposited/allocated on Thursday. In order to receive Fast Start commissions, you must have an LRP order of at least 100 PV in place at all times and must process once during the month.

To explain it graphically, if this little green person is you and you have shared the oils with three people, you want to do those 100 points a month so you can get a U$50 bonus. It’s a bonus on top of the regular paycheck. Once each of these three dark blue guys has shared the oils with 3 people each who want to do the 100 points a month, you are getting U$250 a month bonus, which is awesome because you are more than covering what you are wanting to buy every month.

So once these 9 people have shared it with 3 people each who want to do the 100 points a month, now you are up to U$1,500 a month and that is a significant income for most households.

Unilevel is sponsor-based. Payment of unilevel is dependent upon three things: OV (overall sales volume); Rank (the rank you achieve that month) and a LRP (loyalty rewards order) order in place. When you first start out with doTERRA, this is a very small percentage of your paycheck. Most of your income will probably come from Fast Start bonuses and Power of 3 bonuses.

But as your business grows and especially as it gets deeper, your unilevel bonus will get larger and larger. The top Wellness Advocates make around 80% of their income from unilevel – and that’s saying a lot because they get around U$4,000 in bonus pool income when they are a Diamond and the levels above that get even more.

doTERRA is unique because you actually get a higher percentage the farther down the line the WA’s are – they do this to motivate you to build your team.  

You can look in the doTERRA back office at any time and see what rank you are and what it takes to get to the next rank.  This is paid around the 15th of the next month. 

Bonus pools start once you hit Silver. Once you reach the Silver level, you’re pretty awesome in the doTERRA world. The main reason you want to be a Silver is that you then are a part of the Leadership Performance Pool.

They take all the sales for that month and multiply it by 2%.  Then all the Silvers get at least one share in this pool.  Then as you work your way up you get even more shares.

Right now a Silver share is around U$130. That means a Gold gets about U$650 and a Platinum gets U$1300. The Diamond Pool share is around U$4,000 per share.

Earnings compare

If you are interested in learning more about building a doTERRA business please email us send us a WhatsApp message!

What does “work” look like in doTERRA?

Workshops/ Classes – I held 1-3 per week.

Follow up/Support – You need to support your enrolments, create community and ensure you are educating your enrolments on using their oils.

Launch and Support New Sharers/Builders – As your builders start popping up (trust me they WILL if you keep putting that positive energy out there) You need to help them launch their business too and mentor them along the way.

Personal Development

doTERRA is an essential oil business wrapped up in a personal development one! Building your own business comes with some self love challenges. You need to dig deep within yourself, face your challenges and work through your problems. Don’t hide away when these things come to the surface, face them, work on yourself and move forward (and upward!)

What u DO need to be…..

>>> A go-getter at heart with a passion for exploring natural health and wellness.

>>> Ready to impact change and create a ripple effect that supports future generations to flourish.

>>> Ready to Inspire and lead a growing tribe of dreamers and change-makers.

>>> Seeking a lifestyle where you have limitless potential and complete financial freedom.

>>> Looking for a life that you can design, from when you work and play to how much you earn.

If this sounds like you and you can feel the nudges and pulls (and a bit of fear too, that’s normal) then I’d love to have you join me. Not only will you join a tribe of supportive + empowering men and women. You will help bring about CHANGE in people’s lives.

What now?

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