Can I sell dōTERRA essential oils?

Absolutely yes!

Anyone who opens a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT themselves, and joins as a WELLNESS ADVOCATE, is able to share the dōTERRA Oils and products and is able to earn an income – this is how you get started:

  1. You open your own dōTERRA account as a wellness advocate (as soon as South Africa opens in October),
  2. You get yourself a dōTERRA Oils kit so you can learn about the oils and so you can share with others by teaching,
  3. Set up your own loyalty rewards order of at least 100 points per month so that you qualify to earn commission,
  4. You invite people to learn about the Oils,
  5. You teach others all about how they can use these Oils and how they can get their own wholesale account,
  6. You use the prepared class layout to teach them,
  7. You help those that are interested and ready to open an account to buy their own Oils or kit,
  8. You explain the lifestyle benefits of using the Oils by meeting them and doing a membership overview or wellness consult,
  9. You explain the benefits of the loyalty rewards program and enroll them into the program when they are ready,
  10. You support them by adding them to our Facebook Group and keeping in touch – sharing specials and uses and success stories,
  11. Find more people to share with – and repeat from step 4 above.

It all starts by choosing who you would like as a mentor or support group. It is our role to support and teach you the business basics, and you need to be comfortable working with us as part of our Tess and Craig’s Healthy Wellthy Oils South Africa Team!