Leader and Rank Bonus

In addition to the other 4 ways of earning commission (Retail, Fast Start, Power of 3 and Unilevel), doTERRA takes 7% of its global commissionable volume and uses it as bonuses for everyone who is Premier and above. There are 3 different bonuses which I will explain below. But first, here is a diagram which summarises it all.

Empowerment Pool – Premiers & Silvers

doTERRA announced recently this new bonus for Premiers and Silvers. Previously, you only got a bonus when you reached the rank of Silver, so for Premier this was a great announcement. And for Silvers too! It is designed to give new builders a bit of a financial boost when they start having qualifying teams emerge.

doTERRA takes 1% of its global commissionable volume and places it in the Empowerment Pool. Think of this like a swimming pool, and the ‘space’ in it is divided among everyone that is in it. The Pool might grow, but so also will the number of people in the pool, and the 1% is divided equally among all Premiers and Silvers that qualify.

How you qualify – It is quite simple, anyone hitting the rank of Premier or Silver that has at least one personal enrollment that month, receives 1 share of the Empowerment Pool. This equates to about a US$125 bonus each month.

Leadership Performance Pool – Silvers, Golds & Platinums

The next pool is the Leadership Performance Pool. As you can see, Silvers also qualify for this one each month they hit rank. Let’s look at this in more depth.

doTERRA takes 2% of its global commissionable volume and splits it between the Silvers, Golds and Platinums in the following shares of that pool:

Silvers – 1 share

Golds – 5 shares

Platinums – 10 shares

In addition, each time one of these leaders has an additional personally-enrolled team member achieve the rank of Elite, they get a one-off extra share of the pool.

How you qualify – You qualify for these bonuses by ranking as either Silver, Gold or Platinum each month.

Diamond Leadership Pools – Diamond, Blue Diamond, Presidential Diamond

There are 4 Diamond Pools. There is the Diamond Performance Pool, and then a pool for each Diamond rank, which doTERRA takes 4% of its global commissionable volume and divides among these leaders, and because they represent under 10% of all leaders in doTERRA, these bonuses are more significant as there are fewer people to share the pool between.

Diamond Performance Pool

1% of doTERRA’s global commissionable volume is taken and shared among the Diamonds, Blue Diamonds and Presidential Diamonds, that get the following shares of the pool:

Diamonds – 1 share

Blue Diamonds – 2 shares

Presidential Diamonds – 3 shares

For each additional newly-qualifying Premier that is personally enrolled to these leaders, they receive a one-off additional share of the pool.

Diamond, Blue Diamond & Presidential Diamond Pools

doTERRA then takes 3% of its global commissionable volume and splits it into 3 pools, one for each of these ranks, which every leader at that rank gets 3 shares of the pool. For Diamonds and Blue Diamonds, for each newly-qualifying personally-enrolled Premier that rank advances that month, they get an additional share. Presidential Diamonds get an additional share of the Presidential Diamond Pool each time a personally-enrolled becomes Silver.

Thoughts about these Bonus Pools…

I am glad that doTERRA brought in the Empowerment Bonus for Premiers and Silvers – that was a great move that helps leaders at these levels. While the bonuses here are around US$125, when you get up to the Presidential Diamond rank, the bonus is in the tens of thousands of dollars which, when accompanied with the ever-increasing Unilevel bonus you get because of the number of members you have underneath you, gives you the opportunity for complete financial abundance. Take a look at the Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure for an idea of what you can earn (on average) at these ranks.